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About Eden Water Works Co. 

Eden Water Works Co. is a shareholder owned non-profit culinary water system. The Company is managed by a group of 5 Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are voted into position by the Shareholders. Eden Water Works Co. was formed and Incorporated on October 1, 1919.  

Our water comes from the Burnett Spring and the Clarke Wells.


The Burnett spring dates back to 1861.  A chlorination station was installed for the Burnett Springs in 1984. In 1987 the company purchased 2 acres from Wolf Creek and in 1989 a 500,000 gallon reservoir was built. 


The Clarke Wells were dug in 1992. The Clarke West well is not currently in use. The Clarke East well pumps 250 gallons a minute. A 1,000,000 gallon reservoir was built in 1993.

Our Board of Directors and Certified Water Operator work hard to ensure we supply the best drinking water possible to our customers.  


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